Wendy Smooth

Associate Professor of Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies and Political Science, The Ohio State University

[email protected] (614) 247-8449

Wendy G. Smooth, Ph.D. is a noted scholar of intersectionality and American politics. She is one of the foremost voices writing on the experiences of women of color as law makers in political institutions and women of color issues in public policy. Smooth’s research and writing also reflect significant expertise in legislative studies, institutions, state and local politics and public policy. Her current research focuses on girls of color and their interests in political leadership. She regularly commentates and consults on issues impacting black women in electoral politics as voters and candidates. Her writings appear in numerous journals including, Politics and Gender; Journal of Women Politics and Policy; and the National Political Science Review. Her work appears in edited volumes such as Situating Intersectionality: Politics, Policy and Power; Gender and Elections: Shaping the Future of American Politics; Legislative Women: Getting Elected, Getting Ahead; and Still Lifting, Still Climbing: Black Women’s Contemporary Activism.

At The Ohio State University, she holds a faculty appointment as an Associate Professor of Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies and Political Science. She leads OSU’s participation in the Collaborative to Advance Equity through Research, a national initiative created by the Obama administration’s White House Council on Women and Girls. The Collaborative @OSU is building a research and learning community to close the gaps in research on women and girls of color. Smooth is former president of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists and The Ohio State University’s President and Provost Council on Women. She is the recipient of several honors and awards across her career including the Woodrow Wilson Foundation’s Women’s Studies Fellowship; and the American Political Science Association Women and Politics Section’s best dissertation award. Wendy is a native of Jackson, MS and a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana where she earned a bachelor’s of science in political science. She is also a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park where she earned a doctorate in Government and Politics and a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies.